Perth Storm Snapper and Tuff Rigs Heavy Duty Rigs

Perth Storm Snapper and Tuff Rigs Heavy Duty Rigs

Catching landbased Snapper in Perth is great fun and a heck of a challenge. If you have the right gear, right bait and are willing to brave the winter weather conditions you will be catching landbased Pinkies this year. I never thought catching them was so simple but after 2 years of doing the same thing and not getting results I started experimenting with different baits, weather and rigs. 


My favorite baits are mullet, fresh squid, slimey mackerel and any live bait. Mullet is what i usually use since it stays on the hooks so well. When there's no pickers use small fillets. If your losing your bait to small fish simply cut the bait into chunks or throw the head on. Only use slimeys if there's no pickers around as its alot softer and you will get shredded in a couple minutes. If the weathers calm enough (which it usually isn't) try catch yourself a live bait. If you can get your hands on some fresh squid, put pieces of squid on one hook of the paternoster rig and mullet on another. This way you have the smell from the mullet and an irresistible bit of fresh squid.


You have the best chance of catching snapper from May to September. Around about the start of May will be the first couple storms for the year. For some reason, this is one of the best times to catch landbased Snapper and Mulloway. Around this time when you see a 3-4 meter+ swell and 25kn+ NW winds get down to your favorite snapper spot! After these storms the snapper may be hit and miss for the next few months and some years will produce alot more fish than others.


When the storms are rolling through the snapper are in close everywhere. Although i like fishing some places better than others, theres no secret spot where the snappers only go. Most rock walls that are being pounded by big swells and winds have the chance to produce fish. My favorites include North Mole (any part of it on the ocean side will produce), ASI, Hillary's and Mindarie. My most commonly fished place is North Mole, mainly because you can drive on it. I have literally caught Snapper on all areas from the tip right down to casting from the rocks into the surf at the entrance. 


Heavy gear is a must. After many lost fish i don't go anywhere under 40lb line. My favorite outfits are: 15-24kg rod, matched with a Penn 950 with 50lb mono, or, a 13 foot snyder glass rod with a 10000+ size reel with 50-80lb braid with 6 meters of 60-80lb leader. Some may say this is abit overkill but try fishing in a 5m swell and 25 knot winds with 20 or 30lb line and you will know what I mean. I dont use graphite rods even if they're rated to high strengths because your rods will probably get banged up on the rocks and graphite fractures easy. I prefer using fiber glass rods. The rigs are pretty simple. Just tie a standard 2 hook paternoster dropper rig with 100lb leader to a couple strong 8/0 circle hooks. The Tuff Rigs Heavy Duty Rigs are perfect for this kind of fishing. The sinker to use is a 6-12 ounce star sinker depending on how rough it is. You also want a long 10+ foot gaff.

Well this is the basics and probably all you need to know. Now all it takes is some experience and you'll be catching landbased Pinkys in no time.

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